April 11, 2022
VIDEO: Frazier in Full Swing at Record MODEX Show

Frazier Innovation on Display at MODEX 2022

After a two-year hiatus of the show, it was fantastic to greet old and new friends alike in-person at a record attended MODEX. Hundreds of visitors chose to tee off their visit to the show in Atlanta with Frazier, the perfect course for storage success.

Those who swung over to our booth were greeted by an array of Storage Solutions, proven in their abilities to make warehouses up to 30% more productive and profitable. Ongoing demonstrations highlighted strategies to maximize space, improve throughput, increase order picking, efficiency and decrease labor costs, all by using Frazier’s structural steel pallet racking. Attendees topped their time with us off by enjoying some golf related fun, games, and prizes.

If you were unable to attend MODEX or stop by our booth, however, we have you covered. Take a peek at the below video to immerse yourself in the Frazier MODEX experience and read on about what you could have seen at the show:

Frazier’s Wire Screen Solution

At MODEX 2020 we Introduced the Wire Screen. This year, we were afforded the opportunity to talk about its Success Over the Two Years Since. Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service, Diane Domingues, spoke with the press about how the Wire Screen’s abilities have prevented the issues of warped and torn wires that its users previously faced with industry standard wire mesh decks. To date, it has allowed over 100 customers to find success increasing safety, maintaining warehouse capacity, and eliminating costly deck replacement within their operations. Modern Materials Handling and DC Velocity reported.

The Wire Screen is a viable solution for any industry, especially those with a lot of hand stacking and picking in their operations. Contact Us today to learn how you can leverage this patented design!

A Pallet Rack Solution for Every Need

The Wire Screen was not the only great Frazier rack solution on display at MODEX. Plenty of visitors hit a hole-in-one by finding one of the following pallet rack systems to be the perfect fit for their warehousing needs:

The Ergo Deep® – The Ergo Deep®, part of Frazier’s Ergo Series® line of ergonomic structural rack solutions, was developed in response to multiple customer needs for easier product access. From a safety standpoint, it affords workers easier access to cases and decreased strain when picking. It allows warehouses to double their floor level pick faces while workers can seamlessly navigate the aisles of the warehouse via creation of walkways.

The Pallet Mole® – With the latest technology in high-density storage, semi-automated storage, the Pallet Mole® optimizes floor space while measurably increasing productivity. The Pallet Mole® shuttle runs underneath pallet loads on rails delivering and extracting pallets within a deep lane rack system. Through its use, customers with high volumes and low SKU counts have improved their productivity by over 30% and saved up to 40% on their labor costs.

Rack Supported Installations – Frazier began pioneering the concept of Rack Supported Construction in the 1950’s. Our continuous commitment to innovation in this space ever since has afforded us the ability to become the rack supplier for 90 percent of North American ASRS Rack Supported Installations in the present. At MODEX, we discussed Our Involvement in an Award-Winning Project as well as a New Patented Alignment Tool used to improve rack supported installation.

 One of these solutions, or another of Frazier’s products can help you achieve measurable improvements to your warehouse. Contact Us today to find the solution that is right for you!

Student Day

One of our favorite parts of MODEX is being afforded the opportunity to share our knowledge with future generations. We were excited to welcome pupils to our booth as part of the show’s Student Day program. High school and college aged youth studying the supply chain received an up-close look at the importance of structural steel racking within warehouse environments. Our founder Don Frazier was a founding force in establishing many of the industry’s education initiatives and we are honored to be able to continue in these efforts to this day.

If you are student interested in learning about Frazier’s products, role in the industry, or career opportunities, Contact Us today for more information.

Visit Us at Another 2022 Event

Just because you might not have been able to visit us at MODEX, does not mean you cannot still see us in-person this year! We will be attending plenty of other 2022 Events, including The 45 Annual WERC Conference in Louisville, The 2022 IWLA Convention + Expo in Amelia Island, and Logistics Forum in Villahermosa.

If you are planning to attend any of these events, we want to see you! Send us a message at frazier@frazier.com so we can arrange a time to meet there in-person!

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