Frazier In Canada

4130 Victoria Avenue, Suite #200

Vineland, ON L0R 2C0, Canada

Phone: (905) 562-4500

Frazier In Canada

Customers across Canada can benefit from FRAZIER’s advanced systems design, comprehensive integration and material handling expertise. Our objective is to exceed your expectations by guaranteeing quality of materials and installation while delivering you the most competitive pricing.

Our Canadian sales team will develop custom solutions for you and maintain critical after-market service, essential for proper maintenance of your storage racks and safe, efficient operations. Along with an office headquarters located in Vineland, Ontario, Frazier also owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Trenton, Ontario. With Frazier’s streamlined Canadian production capabilities, we have the ability to handle projects of all sizes and meet your construction deadlines.

Learn more about FRAZIER Storage Solutions by downloading our literature in English or French.

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