Rack Supported Buildings

FRAZIER’s record in design, engineering and construction of Rack Supported Structures is unmatched in the industry. From conception onward, we will be by your side to ensure total integration of systems and site specifics.

A Rack Supported Building under construction.

Rise Above with a Rack Supported Building

No other manufacturer matches Frazier’s knowledge or experience for Rack Supported Buildings; we pioneered the concept of rack supported construction. Made with structural steel to effectively accommodate environmental loads and seismic zone requirements, your Frazier Rack Supported Building will be engineered to be the strongest and most efficient design. With over 60 years of rack supported experience and hundreds of installations across North America, Frazier is the company to trust.

The Savings of a Rack Supported Building

Rack Supported Buildings afford savings on expensive architectural and conventional construction costs. Quicker to build than traditional warehouses, they also can result in footprint savings of up to 15 percent.

A Rack Supported Building is considered equipment and may be subject to the tax advantages of accelerated depreciation. The amount of construction cost that can benefit from accelerated depreciation should be discussed with your tax adviser.

Learn more about Rack Supported Structures by downloading our Literature.

  • Utilizes the storage racks as support for the roof and walls
  • Each system is custom designed to meet your requirements
  • Can incorporate Design/Build services
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