Quality Assurance

Unbeaten Standards

FRAZIER’s track record for successful structural steel rack systems and Rack Supported Structures cannot be matched by any competitor. Our mission is to design and fabricate Storage Solutions with the user’s best interest in mind. No matter the type, size, or location of a project, FRAZIER’s Quality Assurance Program is second to none. FRAZIER employs individuals with the following certifications:

  • AWS Certified QC1 Welding Inspectors
  • CWB Certified welding Inspectors & Supervisors
  • Certified Weld Test Conductors
  • AWS Certified QC5 Welding Educators

Additionally, FRAZIER facilities hold several vital Western Certification Programs as approved fabricators including:

  • City of Phoenix
  • Clark County
  • Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Los Angeles – City
  • San Bernadino

FRAZIER’s Quality Assurance Program

FRAZIER’s team of expert, in-house Standard Product and AS/RS Engineers work tirelessly to test products to assure that customers are receiving the best quality built rack on the market. After testing, our engineers determine the design needs of your project and propose the most suitable design. FRAZIER’s Quality Assurance program requires both first piece and two hour inspections for all manufactured products.

Materials for your project are purchased from the choicest stock available. Upon receipt, materials undergo a rigorous series of internal inspections to make sure they meet both industry and FRAZIER standards. FRAZIER Manufacturing then fabricates all materials into racking through a very detail-oriented process; accuracy is monitored closely to produce the most effective product. All products are welded by experienced AWS or CWB certified welders before being coated in paint on-site.

Delivery will be conducted in the safest manner to insure that no damage comes to the racking. Loading of all products will be supervised and signed off on, guaranteeing the rack to be intact before it leaves a FRAZIER plant.

Incomparable Welding

Competitor welding standards are typically relegated to using cheap, low grade welding products followed by welding in a vertically downward progression; this often creates a plethora of welding issues. FRAZIER does not permit shortcuts such as this in our welding process. Flat, horizontal, and vertically upward are the only acceptable welding procedures in FRAZIER facilities. Welding in a vertically upward progression begins at the bottom of the joint and creates a proper welding fillet as the operator progresses to increase strength of the joint every time.



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