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Customer-Centric Material Handling

Material handling is Frazier’s DNA. Leaders from over 14 Industry Groups choose to work with us because of our ability to help them implement Storage Solutions that maximize their space utilization, productivity, pallet positions and more. We work with clients of all sizes – from single locations all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. For over 70 years, we have designed and implemented structural steel pallet racking systems that provide the greatest long term return on investment for thousands of Customers.

This process all begins with Frazier’s robust Account Management and Marketing teams. We begin facilitating resources for your project from its conception through its entire lifespan. Our customer-centric philosophy affords us the time, assets and expertise to make your goals a reality.

Material Handling Experts

Frazier’s Account Management Team is based throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. From standard selective racking systems, to more complex pick modules and warehouse automation applications, we have over 70 years of material handling experience with an array of different solutions that will help you overcome your operation’s unique storage challenges.

Want to learn more about all the different Frazier racking systems that are available to you? Our Marketing team strives to keep you up to speed on all the latest material handling News and Knowledge Frazier has to offer. From large-scale Industry Events to local chapter meetings and virtual shows, we look forward to being able to demonstrate our racking solutions to you. We are also proudly and frequently involved with material handling industry groups like MHI, RMI and GCCA.

Whether you already have a type of racking in mind or need assistance determining the ideal pallet rack system, we are ready to help you! Contact Us today to start the process of implementing your next successful storage solution!


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