KlampFast® Cantilever Racking

No other cantilever storage system can match the space-saving versatility and accessibility of FRAZIER’s Klamp/Fast®. While other rack systems are locked into set increments, Klamp/Fast® offers infinitely adjustable arms that can be positioned exactly where needed.

A Klampfast Cantilever® rack system with floor guides.

Infinitely Adjustable Cantilever Racking

KlampFast®’s infinitely adjustable arms allow you to determine the exact position of your cantilever racking’s arms. This means that KlampFast® lets you set the vertical clearance (space from the top of one load to the arm, shelf or load above) you need. In doing so, KlampFast® achieves the maximum storage density; virtually no vertical space is wasted and storage space costs are reduced.

The KlampFast® Cantilever Racking Advantage

Made of 100% Structural Steel, KlampFast® is a heavy-duty cantilever racking system built to last in high traffic environments. In addition to durability bonuses, the incorporation of structural steel allows KlampFast® to hold capacities of 250,000 pounds and more. These features, coupled with KlampFast® cantilever racking’s infinitely adjustable arms, are features no other pallet racking manufacturer can match.

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  • Uprights consist of a vertical column with welded base with or without reinforcements depending on desired capacity
  • Arms are attached with two bolts and lock at any point on the column
  • Can be built to heights of 50 feet or greater
  • Capacities of 250,000 lbs. – and more
  • Storage on one or both sides
  • Can function in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Can facilitate a roof, if needed, in an outdoor application
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