Standard Product Engineering

Standard Product Engineering

Armed with over 80 years of design and product development experience, FRAZIER’s Standard Product Engineers work to provide clients with the best, most cost-effective material handling solution for each project. Using the latest design software, FRAZIER’s engineers reduce costs and improve accuracy for customers ranging across a multitude of industries.

FRAZIER is proud to be home to one of the strongest Research and Development programs in the industry. Through ongoing series of tests and problem solving scenarios, FRAZIER’s Standard Product Engineers are able to create the most durable Storage Solutions that hold up in the busiest of warehouse environments.

Rack Seismology

Our staff includes Professional Engineers who are registered in 48 states, including California, which is home to FRAZIER’s office for seismic design.

All areas of the country have seismic risks; there is no such thing as a non-seismic area. There are, however, areas where seismic forces are so small that they do not affect the design of the rack. When seismic forces do dictate the design of the rack, FRAZIER’s Standard Product Engineers turn to a series of options that help sustain racking systems in the event of an earthquake.

A Rack Manufacturers Institute’s Keystone

A longstanding member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), FRAZIER is dedicated to meeting the advanced standards, quality and safety guidelines set forth by the RMI.

We back up these claims by offering our Standard Two-Year Warranty, assuring you of our complete confidence in our products.

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