Protective Options and Accessories

Fortified Row End Protector

Frazier's Wire Screen for pallet rack.Frazier’s Wire Screen utilizes an internal flare “tuck-in” style, as opposed to the industry’s current external flare style seen on wire mesh decking. It was conceived to create a solution for user issues – warping wire beds and jagged pieces of wire – commonly associated with the industry’s current design. The Wire Screen immediately eliminates these risks and provides greater safety across the warehouse operation.

Frazier's Label Beam® for pallet rack.Frazier’s Label Beam® uses 1/8″ recessed web to prevent bar code label and pallet support bolt damage. It saves downtime and label replacement costs. The beam itself does not lose any capacity due to the indentation for the recessed web.

Pallet rack frames with boxed columns.Increased abuse resistance automatically provided by boxing the column uprights; two structural steel channels are welded back-to-back. This “boxed” upright is also valuable when customers are looking to increase the overall load capacity within their racking solution along with maximizing their torsion resistance.

Pallet rack with a Slant Back Frame.For areas where space restrictions may create a hazard for trucks, the Frazier slant-back frame can provide the necessary margin of safety.

A Bull Nose pallet rack protector.4″ high aisle column protectors. Bull Noses protect the front column of the racking from damage by deflecting impact from pallets or fork trucks.

A Post Protector on pallet rack.Heavy structural steel protector affords added security against abuse from handling equipment.

Reel Support Bracket accessory for pallet rack.Easily converts standard rack to reel-on coil storage facility. Sold in pairs only, axles sold separately.

Row End Protectors on pallet rack.Structural steel channels used at the end of each aisle serve as a guard preventing frame damage.

A Back-to-Back Tie connects two pallet rack frames. Provides immediate installation benefits by minimizing the potential for uplift.  Additionally, back-to-back ties will offer added stability of the rack especially within taller distribution center.

A Rub Rail on pallet rack.Heavy horizontal impact channel used at floor level to protect upright or frame from vertical or pallet damage.

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