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Domestically Manufactured Rack Does Not Get Stuck at The Port

Don’t Get Stuck at the Ports – Buy Domestic Rack! Why wait for foreign imported rack to work its way to you through the ports? You could be installing a[…]

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Rows of Frazier Sentinel Selective Pallet Racking protected by guard rail safety features.

5 Strategies for Warehouse Racking

Ensuring the highest levels of efficiency at your warehouse is dependent upon having an effective storage system. Better material handling equipment such as racking solutions help you organize your products[…]

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VIDEO: Frazier’s New Customer Portal

  Frazier’s New Customer Portal Frazier Industrial Company is extremely pleased to introduce our new and enhanced Customer Portal, the first of its kind in the racking industry. This agile[…]

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Maximizing High SKU Density with a VNA Racking System

The modern economy regularly witnesses increases in consumer demand for new and additional product lines. As a result, companies in markets such as Retail, E-Commerce and 3PL Warehousing can face[…]

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Selective pallet rack for an E-Commerce application.

Buying Industrial Storage Racks? 4 Mistakes to Avoid

You’ll find plenty of storage options when it comes to pallet racking solutions. Be wary of mistakes, though. Given how much it costs, you want to make sure you pick[…]

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VIDEO: Frazier Tippmann Rack Supported Building Project

Frazier Tippmann Rack Supported Building Project Frazier has more experience with Rack Supported Buildings than any other racking manufacturer. Today, we supply rack to 90% of AS/RS Rack Supported projects[…]

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A Pallet Flow rack system.

7 Suggestions Before You Pick Industrial Pallet Racks

Optimize your distribution center with better storage options by considering an upgrade your racking systems. Here are top tips on how to choose a pallet racking system that works for[…]

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6 Benefits of the Right Pallet Racks for Your Organization

The pallet racking solution you choose affects your warehouse operations and bottom line. If you are shopping around for options, here are some of the benefits you can get from[…]

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Safety: Frazier’s Ergonomic Pallet Rack Solutions

Safety continues to be a critical topic across supply chain and warehousing. Workers’ compensation claims remain high which ultimately lead to injury, decrease in productivity and loss of workforce. By[…]

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A Pick Module Pallet Rack solution for an E-Commerce application.

How to choose the best pallet rack for your warehouse

Inventory management is dynamic and keeps changing as the supply and inventory increases. Choosing the best pallet racking system for your warehouse is essential to ensure your business’s smooth running.[…]

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