The Flexibility to Exceed Expectations

Frazier is an industry leader in manufacturing capabilities through the use of 10 manufacturing locations across North America; including Canada and Mexico. Strategically located, these manufacturing facilities reduce freight and installation costs, resulting in the most competitive prices. Each facility has the ability to produce thousands of pounds of racking per day, giving us the ability to meet your tight construction deadlines. In addition to being favorably located with the capacity to produce large amounts of racking, Frazier’s manufacturing boasts many further advantages:

  • All Frazier Storage Solutions utilize 100% Structural Steel
  • The durability and abuse resistance of Structural Steel creates the greatest return-on-investment
  • All of our experienced welders are AWS or CWB certified, which are Important Welding Standards for Rack Safety

Structural Steel Manufacturing

The superiority of Structural Steel over Roll-Formed Steel led to our decision at Frazier to incorporate its use into all of our products. Withstanding greater impacts and allowing heavier load capacities, Structural Steel allows us to create the highest quality Storage Solutions that hold up in the busiest of warehouse environments. We stand behind our claims of manufacturing expertise, offering the only Two Year Warranty in the industry against fork truck damage. Learn why structural steel i superior to roll-formed:

Adjustable Jig Advantage

Bolstering Frazier’s Manufacturing capabilities is the use of adjustable jigs. Adjustable jigs allow Frazier’s expert fabricators to make the most precise dimensions, not only a reality, but a standard. In addition to this, adjustable jigs save valuable time; they enable our fabricators to produce rack more quickly, which helps to afford us the ability to meet your tight construction deadlines.

Each adjustable jig boasts an array of significant components to accommodate rack up to 40 feet in height:

  • Adjustable Sides
  • Automatic Controls
  • Clamp Locks for Posts
  • Magnetic Locks for Cross Beams
  • Rollers
  • Air Cylinder Lifts

As part of Frazier’s Quality Assurance, a detail oriented series of checks and balances are run consistently on each Jig to make sure it is set up to the proper requirements. Produced in house, FRAZIER stands behind the exceptionality of our adjustable jigs and their ability to help produce the highest quality Storage Solutions.

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