Pallet Flow Rack

Similar to FRAZIER’s SelecDeck® Case Flow, albeit used to move pallets as opposed to cases, Pallet Flow systems are used in facilities implementing a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) strategy. Pallets are pulled by gravity along a track of wheels to their pick faces.

A Pallet Flow rack system.

Pallet Flow Rack Stays on Track

In a Pallet Flow system, pallets sit on a track of durable wheels with the racking positioned at a downward sloping angle to make the system gravity driven. Pallets are inserted at the highest degree of incline on the Pallet Flow and are pulled by gravity to the other end of the rack where they are to be picked. This design makes certain that there will continuously be a pallet in the front position of the racking, ready for picking.

Pallet Flow Rack for FIFO

Pallet Flow excels in environments with a fast turn around rate, as seen in a FIFO setting. With gravity moving pallets to the stock picking location, facilities can utilize a maximum amount of space by storing pallets back to back.

  • Allows incorporation of different wheel patterns for different needs
  • Standard pitch for the gravity feed is 0.3125″
  • Pallet Flow lanes can incorporate both wheels and rollers if necessary
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