History of Innovation

First Company to Offer a 2-Year Warranty Against Fork Lift Damage. First To Implement Project Management Teams To Ensure Project Completed on Time and Within Budget.

1949 Selective Storage Racks

Selective Storage Racks


Sentinel Storage Racks established FRAZIER as the world’s leading manufacturer of structural storage systems. Whether stock or pallet, a Sentinel rack gives you all the strengths associated with structural steel construction. Sentinel racks are easy to assemble and can expand to fit your growing needs.

For a fast and easy solution to your immediate storage problems, choose the FRAZIER Sentinel Stock Rack. The same quality standards of custom rack systems are adhered to on the design, manufacture and installation of Sentinel Stock Rack.

1950 First Commercial Drive-In Rack System

First Commercial Drive-In Rack System


To maximize density in your existing space, look no further than FRAZIER’s Drive In / Drive Through. Structural steel and the innovative “Space-Saver Arm” design provide you with the adjustability, durability and safety that your Drive-In applications require.

1954 First Rack Supported Building

First Rack Supported Building


FRAZIER is the leader in custom rack-supported construction. Our record in designing, engineering and construction is unmatched in the industry. From conception to completion, FRAZIER will be by your side to ensure total integration of systems and site specifics. Our talented team of design, engineering, construction and material handling experts will utilize best practice techniques and equipment to solve any of your application or site challenges.

1957 First Locking Boltless Structural Rack

First Locking Boltless Structural Rack


FRAZIER’s Dura-Lock rack is the only structural “tear-drop” rack that can retrofit any system now in use.

1962 First “Push-Back” Rack System Design

First “Push-Back” Rack System Design


Combining the high density of Drive-In and the selectivity of single deep rack, Glide-In “Push-Back” storage is FRAZIER’s patented system of enveloping wheeled carts that glide on sloping rails. When unloading a pallet, each subsequent pallet gravity feeds forward to the front for removal. Made from 100% structural steel, the Glide-In “Push-Back” system features carts that carry loads parallel to the floor. For productivity, selectivity, density and economy, FRAZIER’s Glide-In “Push-Back” dominates the industry.


1965 Design of The Klamp-Fast Cantilever System

Design of The Klamp-Fast Cantilever System


Infinitely adjustable arms make FRAZIER’s Klamp/Fast uniquely flexible for storing your flat, long or hard-to-handle items.


1972 First High-Rise AS/RS Storage System

First High-Rise AS/RS Storage System


For the ultimate in warehousing and storage, look towards FRAZIER’s pre-engineered rack-supported buildings.

Our buildings are designed to accommodate the type of fork truck that best suits your daily operations. Whether you rely on reach, deep reach, hybrid stacker or turret, you’ll find our Pre-Engineered Solutions are built to support your specific need.


1986 First Design-Build

First Design-Build


Whatever your storage and materials handling needs, trust FRAZIER to meet and exceed your requirements. Whether you need a new system, an addition to your existing system or a complete retrofit, FRAZIER has the expertise and technology to meet any warehousing and handling challenge

1996 First Satellite Fork Truck attachment to create a Deep Reach System

First Satellite Fork Truck attachment to create a Deep Reach System


Turn your standard fork truck into a high-density storage system! The benefits of the Satellite Transport and Retrieval System (S.T.A.R.) are numerous:

  • Costs much less than other deep reach systems
  • Increases your storage space thanks to deeper lanes with less vertical clearance
  • Allows loading and unloading to be compatible with your picking operations
  • Has easy pallet insertion and removal at the aisle face
  • Frees your fork trucks to be used for all other normal operations
  • Can be operated in deep freeze applications

Here’s How It Works – Your fork truck positions the satellite/load into the rack at the aisle facing. When the fork truck’s mast is lowered, the load carriage automatically uncouples and travels along guide rails. Sensors indicate if carriage is full, distinguishing between the loading and unloading operations. When the satellite is uncoupled, all control operations of fork truck cease for safety purposes. For unloading, the procedure is reversed.

2013 Introduction of The Pallet Mole®

Introduction of The Pallet Mole®


The Pallet Mole® has enabled our customers to utilize the max amount of space in high density storage situations. Ideal for both FIFO and LIFO applications, the Pallet Mole® can automatically move pallet loads forward to the pick location.