AS/RS Engineering

Custom Rack Supported Construction

FRAZIER is the leader in custom rack-supported construction, having pioneered its concept – with over 40 years of experience and upwards of 120 installations in North America. Our expert team of engineers will work by your side throughout your Rack Supported Building or AS/RS system’s entire life cycle, beginning with its initial conception. Each rack supported system is custom designed to meet your specific requirements utilizing the latest computer aided technology and 3-dimensional program analysis. From 30′ high conventional racking to 140′ high AS/RS systems, every building is uniquely constructed to meet your specifications. FRAZIER rack supported structures are made with structural steel to effectively accommodate environmental loads and seismic zone requirements; your rack supported building will be engineered to be the strongest and most efficient design, making FRAZIER the company to trust.

AS/RS Benefits

AS/RS systems are automated, robotic systems used for sorting, storing and retrieving items in a warehouse. When considering rack supported construction or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, all AS/RS manufacturers turn to FRAZIER. FRAZIER has the knowledge and experience needed to design to the tightest possible fabrication and erection tolerances. FRAZIER’s high-density deep-lane system utilizes a satellite transport shuttle to pick and deposit pallets. Further benefits include:

  • Decreased labor costs
  • Boosted accuracy
  • Increased efficiency
  • Elimination of operator error
  • Enhanced safety
  • Time saved searching and picking
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