The Pallet Mole®

Utilizing the latest technology in compact, high density storage, FRAZIER’s semi-automated Pallet Mole® racking solutions can Increase Productivity, Throughput and Pallet positions by up to 30% in a warehouse application.

Pallet Mole® units in a rack system.

High Density Pallet Rack Storage

When it comes to choosing the best high density Storage Solution for your business, there are a number of critical factors to consider – cost, space availability, throughput and SKU (Stock Keeping Units) counts all play an important role in selecting the proper storage solution for your operation. The Pallet Mole® offers the following advantages over traditional storage solutions:

  • Maximizes density over 6-high and 50 pallet positions deep
  • Increases Productivity, Throughput and Pallet Poistions by up to 30%
  • Allows for a truck to be loaded/unloaded in less than 30 minutes
  • Ideal for both FIFO (First-In, First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) applications
  • Optimizes labor efficiency
  • Enhances accuracy of inventory control

Semi-Automated Shuttle

The Pallet Mole® runs underneath the pallet loads on rails, delivering and extracting pallets within a deep lane rack system. Working in either FIFO or LIFO applications, the Pallet Mole® significantly improves throughput by indexing loads directly to the first pallet position at the aisle face. Using a RF controller or Wi-Fi compatible device, the operator can instruct the electro-mechanical platform to lift, lower, or shuttle pallets to the desired position; or program the system to run various predetermined functions. 4 wheel drive and an optimal battery life for cold storage make the Pallet Mole® adaptable to a variety of applications.

A key feature of the Pallet Mole is four heavy duty ball bearings on each corner of the platform working with the screw-drive lift system to raise the deck lid up. The deck lid as a whole picks up the load and as a result, lift performance is not dependent on the strength of the pallet. This lift system also transfers the weight of the load to the wheels of the unit; consequently, the body of the unit des not carry the weight or assume the wear and tear associated with such an action.

  • Single and double wide options available
  • High performance travel speed
  • AC driven technology
  • Pallet count system
  • Pallet shuffle function
  • Full two-way communication between Pallet Mole® and controller device
  • 4 wheel drive
  • U.L. Certified
  • Built-In positioning control
  • Electro mechanical, flat deck lifting system
  • Patented Magnetic Latching
  • Dual spacing system
  • Battery low alarm
  • Optional No Bottom Beam design for increased sanitation

Developed as Frazier’s response to strict updated fire code requirements, the Pallet Spacing System & Method Patent allows is a key value add across the Pallet Mole rack solution.

It allows users to be code compliant by managing a 6″ spacing between pallets sorted in the rack system. The 6″ spacing is maintained in both the front-to-back direction as well as in vertical alignment. Watch to learn more:

  • “What really drove the decision was how fast we could effectively load the system and offload to the truck with a limited number of operators. With a 25-deep, 40-wide Pallet Mole® system only feet from the bottling line and the loading dock, we are extremely confident that we’ll reach our goal of twenty minutes per truck load in Kansas City.” – Bernie Zarda, Vice President, Premium Waters
  • “Frazier is a Five Star company and I give my full recommendation of them across the board. We have most recently installed the Pallet Mole® solution which has been a major success in our warehouse. We look forward to working on future projects with Frazier’s skilled Account Management and Project Management Teams.” – Michael Becht, General Manager, Bartlett Dairy & Food Service
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