The turnaround in the food industry is unmatched. Product comes in, and goes out at a high rate. Realizing the challenge behind food handling operations, we have spent the last 70 plus years developing products to ensure that its storage process can be achieved in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

A Sentinel® Selective Pallet Rack system for a food application.
  • “The Frazier team’s breadth of knowledge and experience providing solutions for a variety of projects has proven very advantageous for me. I look forward to leveraging the partnership with the Frazier team for future projects. Their expertise and knowledge can help ensure our organization’s continued success.” – Craig McPhee, VP of Warehousing, WinCo Foods
  • “Albertsons/Safeway has experienced great success with Frazier as our supplier for small and large racking projects over the past 10+ years. These projects have included small rack reconfigurations to complete re-racking of 1 million square foot facilities. Frazier has delivered as promised in every case.” – Dave Pierson, Engineering Director, Albertsons Companies
  • “I’ve done business with Frazier for many years. They’ve always been timely in their responses, fair priced, kind to work with and their products meet or exceed all of my expectations. When it comes to racking my distribution centers, I always choose Frazier. They’re the best in the industry.” – Herb Herbolschiemer, Project Manager, Vistar Corporation
  • “Frazier is very knowledgeable and has great insight to maximizing rack layout. They start with understanding the customer’s operation, then design an efficient, safe, and long-lasting racking system that meets owner’s needs. I’ve worked with many rack manufacturers in the past, but Frazier is simply the best.” – Jacob Zimmerman, Facilities Manager, DOT Foods, Inc.
  • “Since 1991, Frazier’s sales and engineering team have been fundamental in our warehouse designs and installations. Their expertise has been a true asset to our company. The quality of their products is unbeatable. Frazier isn’t just a vendor to us, we consider them our partner and friend.” – Mike Basha, Vice President of Logistics, Bashas’ Inc.

Frazier Food Rack Projects

A Sentinel® Selective Pallet Rack system for a food application. A galvanized Sentinel® Selective Pallet Rack system for a food application. A Pallet Mole® high density rack system. A Pick Module pallet rack system for a food application. SelecDeck® Case Flow stores food product. A worker picks cases from Ergo Deep® pallet rack. A Sentinel® Selective Pallet Rack with Frazier's Wire Screen. A Drive-In and Drive-Thru pallet rack system for a food application. A Glide-In® Push Back pallet rack system for a food application.

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