January 12, 2016
FRAZIER’s Ergo-Label Beam™

Ergonomic Order Picking Just Got Better!

Last year at Modex, FRAZIER introduced the NEW Ergo-Label Beam™.

Frazier Industrial Company, leading manufacturer of Structural Steel Storage Systems, was excited to introduce its latest storage innovation, the Ergo-Label Beam™, at Modex 2014. The Ergo-Label Beam™ is the blended, engineered design of two popular Frazier order picking solutions. Developed in response to customer needs for more efficient, cost effective order picking alternatives, the Ergo-Label Beam™ combines the comfortable, ergonomic order selection of the Ergo Beam with the abuse resistance and barcode label protection inherent in FRAZIER’s structural label beam.

“Our customers report less product breakage, fewer worker injuries and improved productivity when using the Ergo Beam,” explain Domenick Iellimo, Executive VP Sales and Marketing. “We simply split the front beam into two separate curved beams, creating an ample opening for order pickers to access hard-to-reach rear cartons between pallet locations in the bay. By Incorporating the Label Beam’s unique recessed web to the Ergo design, we also prevent damage to barcode labels and pallet support bolts, further reducing order picking errors and downtime,” says Iellimo. Both the original and the new Ergo-Label Beam™ can be used in existing structural pallet rack systems provided certain design criteria is met.

The Ergo-Label Beam™ is made from 4″ structural steel channel  with 1/8″ recessed web for optimal durability. Standard pallet supports are used for both standard Ergo Beam and Ergo-Label Beam™ options.

Ergo Beam Design

  • Ideal for 1st and 2nd level order picking applications
  • Creates easy access to rear carton location
  • Prevent work injury and product breakage
  • Improves order picking productivity

Label Beam 1/8″ Recessed Web

  • Prevents barcode label and pallet support bolt damage
  • Saves downtime and label replacement costs
  • No loss of capacity due to indentation

About Frazier: Frazier Industrial Company is the largest producer of structural steel pallet rack systems in North America, with 9 manufacturing plants located throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Frazier’s rack systems are quickly recognized for durability and custom engineered design. From standard pallet rack to complex pick-to-belt towers and AS/RS installations, Frazier’s expert team of engineers will help each customer design the best, most cost-effective material handling solution. All pallet rack systems are manufactured using 100% hot-rolled structural steel, the most durable and abuse-resistant material available.

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