March 10, 2020
Frazier Releases New Wire Screen Design

Frazier Releases New Wire Screen Design

Frazier Industrial Company, leading manufacturer of structural steel storage systems, is excited to present a new wire screen design, courtesy of J&L Wire. The new design utilizes an internal flare “tuck-in” style, as opposed to the industry’s current external flare style. It was conceived to create a solution for user issues – warping wire beds and jagged pieces of wire – commonly associated with the industry’s current design.

New Design

“The biggest warehousing challenges faced with the current design are wires bending under the weight of products and being torn apart by fork trucks when loading ” explains Domenick Iellimo, Executive Vice President. “These two challenges result in the further issue of lost capacity. Furthermore, the wires can become jagged when they are warped. This creates the potential to cut the clothing of warehouse workers, or worse, cause an injury. The new “tuck-in” design immediately eliminates these risks and provides greater safety across the warehouse operation. It is valuable to warehouses in any industry, especially those that include hand-stacking or egress via tunnels as part of their applications.”

Current Design

The new design is a more cost effective solution than its predecessor as well, which is a great value to warehouse leadership. A reduced manufacturing expense, allows us to pass along savings to the end users. Whether a hand-stacking aficionado or full pallet storage pro, Frazier’s new wire screen design is for you.

Come see and learn more about the new design during MODEX 2020. Frazier is located at Booth #8288 at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 9th – 12th. Be sure to also check out the takes from our friends at DC Velocity and Modern Materials Handling on the new design!


Top image courtesy of DC Velocity.

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