Solutions for Warehouse Automation

Your warehouse can be a very busy place, and finding ways to increase your productivity levels can make a huge difference in your value. At Frazier, we have a proven record of accomplishment working closely with leading Automation Integrators to create custom designed ASRS solutions that uniquely meet each application’s individual needs. Our extensive range of products can be custom made to suit any requirement and will make your work much easier.

Leaders in Warehouse Racking

With seventy years in the business, we pride ourselves on being the number one storage system company in the business. Servicing a huge range of industries, our structural steel storage solutions include not only conventional pallet racking, but also case flow systems, pallet flow and more. This range of solutions allows you to find the perfect solution for implementing your specific strategy, such as efficient first-in-first-out applications with products always ready for picking.

A Warehouse Racking System Can Increase Your Productivity

At Frazier, our racking solutions are designed to maximize your cubic footprint, product velocity and travel time, allowing you to increase efficiency. Our systems are built to allow you to access and select your products with ease. Warehouse automation options are also available to take your application to the next level – save on labor costs while enjoying a smooth-flowing warehouse.

Materials and Components You Can Trust

Built on our years of experience in industrial storage, our racking systems are constructed from structural steel to deliver long-lasting performance that can withstand the heaviest of product loads. We use reinforced connections and channels that can support more weight and load capacity than roll-formed racking. Frazier’s two year warranty ensures that you will be satisfied with your shelving no matter how rigorous your use is.

Frazier is committed to providing you with the most productive of storage solutions, whether you are constructing a new warehouse or upgrading your existing one. Our racking products can be custom built, so no matter your requirements, there’s a Frazier racking solution for you.

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