December 29, 2020
Types of Storage Racking Systems

Storage racking systems provide solutions for the storage needs of warehouses. The racking systems come in different varieties that each allow for maximized efficiency, selectivity or density in different types of applications. The more commonly used styles of racking are:

  • Selective racking system

It is a popular system of storing inventory that affords users greater selectivity of stored product than any other racking style. The design is suitable for systems that require immediate access to goods. Frazier’s high quality selective rack system is manufactured out of 100% structural steel and is designed to hold up in even the busiest warehouse environments. Its flexibility allows you to add more racking when there is a need for additional storage.

  • Drive-in/drive-thru racking system

This storage racking system has self-supporting racks that stand freely to allow a vehicle drive-in access to stored products. It has one of the highest storage densities of any storage racking system and can rule out the need for warehouse expansion. It can be designed around existing lift equipment, to create savings on costs.

  • Pallet flow

Pallet flow systems are suitable in warehouses that use the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory management method. They are built with a track of wheels that move pallets by means of gravity to picking locations. The design makes certain that there will always be a pallet in the front position ready for picking.

  • Push back

Push back works by placing the first pallet on a cart and pushing it back along a set of pitched tracks with the next pallet load. This exposes the next cart for loading. This process continues until all the carts are loaded. The final pallet loaded sits on the pitched tracks. When a pallet is unloaded the pallet on the next carts are moved forward by gravity. Push back combines high density with greater selectivity. It is the storage solution of choice for many warehouse applications.

  • Case flow racking

It is a suitable storage system to increase the number of floor level pick faces for slow moving stock keeping units (SKU’s). Case flow racks use gravity to move products forward on a bed of wheels. Goods are typically loaded from the rear of the system.

There are many types of storage racking systems available in the market. As you can see, each system has its unique features, performance, and advantages. The most important thing is to understand your warehouse’s needs and method of managing inventory so that you can make the best choice. The racking system you choose should maximize space, minimize damages, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Many effective storage applications even use multiple types of storage racking systems. Why not try out any of these storage systems and experience the results for yourself?

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