March 24, 2020
Pallet Racking Solutions Keep Distribution Centers Moving Amidst COVID-19

Pallet Racking Solutions Keep Distribution Centers Moving Amidst COVID-19

Let’s be honest. We’ve all experienced at least one moment of slight panic after witnessing some of the empty shelves at the grocery store during the current COVID-19 situation. The thought of how soon they will be replenished and emptied again has crossed each of our minds.

The reality is, warehouses across the country are stocked with food and logistics are continuing, according to The New York Times. Their interviews with trade groups such as the North American Meat Institute and National Chicken Council have confirmed an ample stock of food products in warehouses. Consumers are purchasing these goods in much different patterns than the norm and the stores need time to adjust to these patterns. This should not be misconstrued as a food shortage.

The next question becomes, how are distribution centers getting these products out the door and into shelves or the consumer’s hands more quickly? What goes on behind the walls of a warehouse is not inherently obvious to the average person; there are a lot of sophisticated systems in play here that are not always visible to the general public.  Of these systems, one of the most important is the Pallet Racking Solution that a given distribution center has in place. Here’s a look at a few of the pallet racking solutions being used today to keep the supply chain in motion amidst COVID-19:

Sentinel Selective Pallet Rack®

Frazier Single Deep Sentinel Selective Racking

Single Deep Sentinel Selective Pallet Rack®

Named for their selectivity, single deep selective pallet racks always present every pallet for picking to a lift truck operator. Unloading another pallet position to get to a product is never an obstacle, making it an ideal solution for distribution centers storing pallet-sized loads of different Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s). The double deep option offers increased density at the expense of some of the aforementioned selectivity; pallets of the same SKU can be stored on in front of the other for better space utilization. Both single and double deep Sentinel Selective Pallet Racks® are Frazier’s cornerstone products. They only require a standard wrench to bolt together and have shelf levels that adjust at 1″ and 3″ centers. As a result, they offer the greatest flexibility to meet any industry’s changing needs in situations like those we are currently experiencing.


Ergo Series®

Frazier Ergo series Second Level

Ergo Series® at the Second Level

When case moves are too frequent for Carton Flow, order selection is made easy and more efficient with Frazier’s Ergo Series®. Ergo Series® allows for easy access to the side of a pallet load (in the first or second position) for case picking. Ergo Deep® and second level options are available. The Ergo Deep® option can allow for walkthrough access to the next aisle while the second level option allows for additional pick faces. Both result in measurable improvement to productivity for warehouses, as seen in both Food and Pharmaceutical applications.


The Pallet Mole®

Frazier Pallet Mole Unit

The Pallet Mole®

Sometimes, demand is so high that warehouse workers need assistance to fulfill orders, despite their best efforts. This is where the ever growing trend of Automation is working its way into distribution centers. For automated pallet racking systems, like Frazier’s Pallet Mole®, one of the benefits is increased productivity via simultaneous movement – the Pallet Mole® and lift truck operators performing different tasks toward the same end goal at the same time. For instance while a lift truck operator deposits a pallet onto a truck, the Pallet Mole® can bring the next pallet up to the face of the racking to be ready for picking upon the lift truck’s return to the racking system. Beyond the time saved here, the Pallet Mole® boasts many more advantages. Our Video shows just how perfect it is for the storage of high volume, high demand SKU’s like Food, Beverages, and paper goods.

Because of our ability to manufacture pallet racking solutions like these, Frazier is a company that has been deemed essential to the nation’s supply chains. If you are distribution center looking for a solution of your own amidst the COVID-19 situation, contact us today at (800) 859-1342 or Our Manufacturing Network of 10 Plants are ready to help you with your storage needs.

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