February 14, 2018
In The News – Preferred Freezer’s AS/RS Storage Among World’s Largest Automated Freezers

With the end goal of continually improving their day-to-day logistics operations, Preferred Freezer Services is ever vigilant in their search for the latest automated material handling innovations.

Up Close – Preferred’s Automated Storage

In their latest Feature Article, leading industry publication Modern Materials Handling takes an inside look at Preferred’s 380,000 square foot AS/RS warehouse in Richland, Washington. Equipped with AS/RS cranes moving products between 120,000 pallet positions of FRAZIER racking, the facility ranks among the world’s largest automated freezers.

FRAZIER is the most trusted manufacturer in AS/RS and Rack Supported construction with over 40 years of experience. In choosing Frazier, customers receive the most efficient, 100% structural steel AS/RS systems as well as a dedicated team of AS/RS Engineers who will support the project from the system’s conception throughout its lifespan.

Contact us at frazier@frazier.com to learn more about how AS/RS can apply to your project.

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