June 3, 2022
Living PURE SAFETY Through Frazier’s Rack of Excellence


In a supply chain industry with extremely pent-up demand for high quality racking products, how does Frazier meet goals, even with 10 plants? Simply yet effectively, by Living PURE SAFETY.

Living PURE SAFETY plays an integral role in affording our Flexible Manufacturing Network the ability to produce an industry leading capacity of structural steel pallet rack month in and month out. With a continuous emphasis on safety, we are able to channel our focus into greater productivity by eliminating lost time that could occur as a result of injuries or accidents. For 2022’s National Safety Month, we want to offer customers insight into how Living PURE SAFETY enables us to exceed their racking expectations as well as recognize the enormous efforts of our employees (or as we call them, our RackStars!)

“PURE SAFETY makes up the behavioral component of Frazier’s Safety Program. It is concerned with our actions as we engage in all aspects of business.

Frazier’s Rack of Excellence

Living PURE SAFETY is a primary component of the first pillar in Frazier’s Manufacturing operating system, the Frazier Rack of Excellence (ROE). The singular mission of ROE is to Safely, Produce the Highest Quality Product, on time, every time. In order to meet our production and quality goals, we first have to achieve our safety goals.

Tim Johns, Frazier’s Vice President, Manufacturing, explains “PURE SAFETY makes up the behavioral component of Frazier’s Safety Program. It is concerned with our actions as we engage in all aspects of business. We encourage employees at all levels of the organization to not only make safety priority one, but to be on the lookout for each other as we work.  Nothing is more important to us at Frazier than the safety and wellbeing of our employees, neighbors and customers.”

Frazier’s RackStars take on continuous opportunities to enhance their safety education to ensure we hit these goals. This includes, but is not limited to, many great programs such as biweekly Safety Newsletters, – covering topics from PPE to equipment usage, emergency stations and more – regularly occurring employee safety committee meetings and implementation of 3S Lean skills.

Frazier’s Manufacturing Teams are made up of RackStars from 10 Plants across North America.

Frazier’s RackStars

Much of the credit for our success in Living PURE SAFETY goes to the resourcefulness of our great staff of RackStars. “They are an incredibly talented collection of individuals that want their ideas, to not only be heard, but to be put into action,” Frazier Director of EHS, Brent Jensen, says.

Many great safety ideas that are ultimately deployed come right from our RackStars out on the Manufacturing floor too. Take Levi, from our Idaho Falls, Idaho plant who developed a more effective means of guarding employees using particular machinery or Carl from our Trenton, Ontario facility who piloted a new set of 3S strategies now being put into place plant wide.

“Our RackStars want to improve the safety, quality, and productivity of the Frazier family, and want to be the best in our industry. Their ideas and insight are the key to our accomplishments now and in the years to come. Simply put, their input is vital to the success of the Frazier family,” continues Jensen.

Greater Safety Equals Greater Production

Frazier’s newest manufacturing in Dyersburg, TN opened in 2018.

To date over 550 Frazier Employees across North America have taken part in the Living PURE SAFETY and ROE campaigns. The results have been measurable. Injuries are down over 65%. Manufacturing production has benefited from elimination of injuries that cause lost time; in particular, our Dyersburg plant surpassed an impressive milestone in April 2022 of over 1000 calendar days without a lost time injury.

“In operations, safety, quality and productivity performance always travel together,” concludes Johns. “When Safety performance improves by employing of a safety culture, then quality, productivity, and of course costs will improve as well. I believe it is the same discipline to live PURE SAFETY that begins to live pure quality as well. It is a phenomenon where everybody wins at the end of the day.”

Learn More about Frazier’s Storage Solutions and Our Great Teams that safely produce them. Want to join Frazier’s Team of RackStars? Check out Career Opportunities with Frazier.

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