May 6, 2019
In The News – Frazier’s Pallet Mole® Optimizes Storage Density for Nor-Am Cold Storage

Finding the Right Rack

A thorough analysis of multiple racking solutions versus one another is the key to determining which is the most efficient for a given storage application. In their new Feature, “Finding the Right Rack”, Cold Facts Magazine recaps the evaluation of racking options for Nor-Am Cold Storage’s project at their new Le Mars, Iowa facility.

Prior racking projects established a solid relationship, built upon trust, expertise and understanding, between Nor-Am and Frazier; Nor-Am’s confidence in Frazier’s Expertise and products made it any easy decision to work together on this latest project.

Frazier's Pallet Mole®.

Frazier’s Pallet Mole®.

Several options, from Glide-In Push Back® to Drive-In and Double-Deep Selective Racking based solutions went into the project’s initial considerations. While all viable solutions for the right user, they just were not the ideal fit for Nor-Am’s customer loads. In the end, a solution based around Frazier’s semi-automated, deep lane Pallet Mole® proved the victor. The Pallet Mole’s ability to minimize aisle space, along with a few other savvy innovations, allowed for maximized density in the facility’s confines. Continue to Cold Fact’s to read more about Nor-Am’s optimized application.

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