June 26, 2017
FRAZIER’s Solutions Proven for Refrigerated Warehousing Applications

Since our founding in 1949, FRAZIER’s solutions have exceeded expectations in overcoming the challenges faced by clients within the Refrigerated Warehousing industry. Projects for Nor-Am Cold Storage, Inc. and Liberty Cold Storage highlight two of the most recent success stories experienced by our customers in this line of business.

Storing goods in a low temperature-controlled environment is expensive; industry professionals are always on the lookout for competitive advantages to help keep costs down. FRAZIER’s Pallet Mole® created the densest system possible for Nor-Am’s existing facility. This negated their need to purchase additional storage space. For Liberty Cold, the Ergo Deep’s easy access to rear cartons optimized case picking speed to create cost savings.

All FRAZIER products are designed to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with the high rate of volume exemplified throughout the industry – our Storage Solutions are built to last with 100% Structural Steel, so they may withstand greater impacts and allow heavier load capacities.

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