March 2, 2017
Frazier’s SelecDeck® Optimizes Case Picking Applications

With an ever-growing variety of product lines, many distribution centers face a common problem – more Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) than their finite storage space can handle. For Frazier, the solution is SelecDeck® Case Flow. Recently featured in Material Handling Product News, SelecDeck® is utilized to turn multiple pallets worth of footprint into storage space for dozens of SKU’s.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Distribution centers with higher volumes of SKU’s hold both fast moving and slow moving products. Fast moving products typically move in and out by the pallet, while slow moving products leave the distribution center in increments of cases. Adding SelecDeck® at the first level of a system where standard pallet racking once existed allows users the extra storage space they require for these slower moving SKU’s. Two floor level bays of pallet rack would typically hold a maximum of two SKU’s – one per pallet. Four to five beds of SelecDeck® can easily be retrofitted into the existing racking system to store anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-five different SKU’s, dependent upon product size. Higher levels of the racking system are used to store reserve product that replenish the SelecDeck® once cases are picked. By making this change users can increase their SKU capacity by more than tenfold without having to replace or redesign their existing pallet racking system. Frazier Industrial Company’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Kevin Lonsdorf believes case flow is an ideal option for many warehousing applications: “Anyone who has a lot of slow moving SKU’s needs to seriously consider SelecDeck®. Food, Beverage, Retail, E-Commerce and Pharmaceutical applications in particular can benefit from it. Frazier can easily retrofit SelecDeck® into existing pallet racking, saving users from a lengthy re-profiling of their system.”

Problem-Free Case Flow

Frazier’s patented SelecDeck® designed is completely problem-free. We utilize wheels that are larger, wider and stronger than traditional case flow wheels. This allows for freer flow at a lesser pitch, which in turn, makes shelf restocking easier. Our customizable wheel bed patterns allow for total flexibility when slotting products. Among wheel bed options is our ever-popular All-Wheel pattern. Made up of a dense pattern of wheels across the SelecDeck® bed, the All-Wheel pattern will never allow product to become caught on the track or stop as a result of gravity. Per Kevin, “Our customers are always thrilled about their purchase of the All-Wheel option. Unlike other case flow systems, ours will always roll properly. It allows case pickers to be more productive because they do not have to push product along the tracks from behind. The advantages in both storage design and case picking ability are measurable.”

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