January 12, 2016
FRAZIER’s New Pallet Mole System

Since its introduction at ProMat 2011, Frazier’s Semi-Automated, High Density Pallet Mole System was formally launched across North America with several successful system installations spanning a variety of markets and applications to date. Frazier continues to develop unique product enhancements which we demonstrated live on the show floor at ProMat 2015, Frazier booth #3531 – Chicago’s McCormick Place – South, March 23rd – 26th.

The Pallet Mole system utilizes the latest technology in high-density storage to maximize available floor space, storing up to 6-high and 50 pallet positions deep, while measurably increasing warehouse productivity and SKU selectivity. It is also the only pallet shuttle device to earn the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certification for conforming to all North American Standards for electric, safety and design requirements.

“We’re extremely pleased by the tremendous response to The Pallet Mole, having completed systems across Beverage, Food Processing, Foodservice & Cold Storage segments,” says Carlos Oliver – President Frazier Industrial. “The Pallet Mole’s simple yet robust mechanical shuttle is efficient and reliable, testing at the highest performance travel speed in the industry,” according to Oliver.

How it Works: The Pallet Mole runs underneath the pallet loads on rails, delivering and extracting pallets within a deep lane storage racking system. Working in either FIFO or LIFO applications, the Pallet Mole significantly improves throughput by indexing loads directly to the first position at the aisle face. Using a RF controller, the operator instructs the electro-mechanical platform to lift, lower or shuttle pallets to the desired position.

The Pallet Mole is an ideal solution for a variety of storage, distribution and manufacturing applications:

  • High Volume – Low SKU Operations
  • Freezer/Cooler Facilities
  • Food Processing & Beverage Distribution
  • Production Staging Areas

Frazier’s Pallet Mole System:

  • The Pallet Mole operates at the optimum high performance travel speed ensuring rapid response and enhanced productivity, including lift, pallet indexing, and lowering functionality.
  • With AC driven technology and streamlined mechanics, the Pallet Mole reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • The Pallet Mole has a Patented Pallet Count System which counts the number of pallets in a lane use the “stock count” function on the RF controller.
  • Pallet Shuffle Function – The Pallet Mole will automatically move pallet loads forward to the aisle pick location.
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