January 12, 2016
FRAZIER Introduces SelecDeck Carton Flow Accessories

Frazier Industrial Company, industry leading manufacturer of structural steel storage systems, introduces new slotting fixtures for their SelecDeck Carton Flow System; the drop in lane divider and sliding label holder are cost effective system accessories that help quickly identify replenishment lanes and SKU locations for more productive order selection.

  • Lane Dividers can be placed in numerous positions along the full length of carton flow shelf, permitting cartons to be added, changed or sorted by size and SKU. The divider is a small piece of angle that simply drops into slots along the load side of the carton flow bed.  Although SelecDeck’s unique wheel bed permits smooth, straight flow of small to large carton sizes, this new divider permits users to easily identify correct lanes for order selection and replenishment.
  • Sliding Label holder can be placed anywhere along the front of the case flow bed preventing difficult scraping and removal of adhesive labels during product reprofiling.

SelecDeck Carton Flow eliminates the problems inherent in traditional case flow products to save you valuable time and money. With SelecDeck, users don’t have to worry about wheels popping off, tracks falling out, carton hang ups or long delays for reprofiling your system.  SelecDeck can easily retrofit existing structural or roll?formed system without replacing existing shelf beams. Frazier will showcase SelecDeck Carton Flow and accessories at the upcoming ProMat 2015 Show (Frazier Booth #3531) – Chicago’s McCormick Place, South, March 23rd, 26th.

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