July 25, 2019
Three Post-Project Benefits of Frazier’s Customer Service

Racking Solution Customer Service

In addition to offering the leading structural steel Storage Solutions on the market, Frazier stands apart from your typical pallet racking manufacturer with a full suite of supporting departments. From dedicated Standard Product and AS/RS Engineering units, to Project Management and Quality Assurance, each group of Frazier specializes in their unique role to make your project a huge success.

In fact, one Frazier unit will help your project to remain successful long after your initial purchase. Where other manufacturers wash their hands clean of your system until you are ready to purchase more from them, Frazier’s Customer Service team is here to ensure your racking solution exceeds expectations in the long term. The post-project benefits of working with us are…

A Lifetime of Product Support

Frazier’s Customer Service affords each of our Customers a lifetime of support with their racking. We are always eager to learn how your rack system is operating, even years after your initial purchase from us. If you have questions on how to use it to the best of its abilities or need to grow your system as your company grows over time, we are always glad to assist!

Dedicated Representation

At Frazier, we believe the Customer Service Representative is your personal advocate. As our client, you will be assigned an individual from Frazier to work side by side with you through your needs. This individual’s contact information will be provided to you so that you may reach out to them directly, should you have questions or concerns. Your racking system does not cease operations, so why should your support?

Long-Term Satisfaction  

Throughout the lifespan of your racking system, we will occasionally check-in with you to verify your overall happiness with its performance. We will also update our records with any new contacts involved with the racking system at your company. Our Representatives serve your Account, not just the project contact. If the project contact should ever leave your company, we will continue to offer you the same level of great service you had previously earned with your initial commitment to Frazier.

New and existing Customers may contact us today at (800) 859-1342, Option #8 to learn more about the Customer Service Benefits Frazier makes available to them. Thank you for choosing Frazier’s Customer Service – we look forward to working with you!

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