October 26, 2018
Rack System Information Plaques –Why They Are Important to Your Warehouse

With warehouse technology increasing in sophistication, the safety of employees and equipment becomes more paramount by the day. An effective way to promote safety in your warehouse is to clearly define the capabilities of your Pallet Racking or Storage Solution with the use of Rack System Information Plaques.

Why Use a Rack System Information Plaque?

Using and maintaining at least one plaque per racking system is actually required of all rack system users by both the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) and Building Code. Beyond that, RMI points out that because Load Application and Rack Configuration (LARC) drawings are not always readily available to equipment operators, Rack System Information Plaque signage (available from the racking manufacturer) can be displayed on the rack itself to create greater accessibility to the rack system’s capabilities.

RMI continues by suggesting the placement of a plaque on every aisle of racking for every configuration as a good practice. The greater the awareness created of the rack system’s capabilities, the more likely employees are to use it safely and correctly. This can result in significant cost savings – reductions in worker’s compensation and a longer lifespan for the Storage Solution.

What Determines a Rack System Information Plaque’s Data?

It is important to understand that the Rack System Information Plaque’s data is sourced directly from the aforementioned LARC Drawing. The LARC drawing details each configuration that the rack system is designed for, along with the associated required capacity. It is from the parameters defined in this drawing that the Rack System Information Plaque informs equipment operators of the system’s maximum load weight and general safety information about its use. With every racking system, the system supplier will provide a LARC drawing. In addition to the Plaques, the LARC drawing must also be kept onsite.

Note – if a desired configuration for the system is not shown on the LARC drawing, the system supplier should be contacted for review so that a revision to the LARC drawing can be made and new plaques issued.

FRAZIER Industrial Company makes Rack System Information Plaques available for every system we manufacture. If you require new or replacement Rack System Information Plaques contact us at frazier@frazier.com today.

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