May 9, 2019
4 Ways to Find a Pallet Rack Manufacturer

Whether you are expanding your facility or constructing a new warehouse, developing innovative ways to make operations easier drives the growth and success of your business, the Entrepreneur says. If you want to provide your customers with better solutions that address their demands and needs, partnering up with the right manufacturer for your storage is a must. Here’s what you need to look for when you evaluate pallet rack manufacturers in the market.

Look at experience
How long has the manufacturer been in business? Establish the company’s level of experience before you consider hiring its services. Pallet racking systems can be a sizeable investment, so it’s important that you find an option that meets the demands of your business. Customers have been choosing Frazier’s Storage Solutions for 70 years. From standard pallet rack systems, to complex pick-to belt towers, AS/RS installations or Rack Supported Buildings, Frazier’s expert team of engineers have helped countless clients to design the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Choose quality
Cheap solutions, like roll-formed racking, can seem ideal upfront, however, they are not a smart investment in the long run. Roll-formed racking relies on its shape for strength. As soon as this shape is comprised by damage, the racking loses all its capacity. In a roll-formed system (which uses minimal steel and is highly susceptible to damage) this may result in shelling out substantial amounts of money for replacements and loss of valuable storage space.
Buying structural steel racking systems can mean spending more upfront, however their ability for holding up in the busiest warehouse environments provides users with a greater peace of mind. With the combination of thicker, hot rolled, material and reinforced corners, structural shapes will withstand much greater impact from material handling equipment. This superior durability means longer product life with less damage, equating to cost savings over the long term. Frazier proudly manufacturers our storage solutions to last with 100% structural steel.

Consider industry expertise
What kind of companies or industries does the manufacturer serve? When you look for pallet rack manufacturers, pick one that already has plenty of experience providing solutions to companies in the same line of business. That means the manufacturer already knows what your general requirements will be and can use its experience with other clients in the same industry to provide you with better services. With industry knowledge, expertise and trained teams, these manufacturers are in an excellent position to provide you with the help you need. Frazier’s experience in serving over sixteen industry groups makes us the manufacturer you can trust for your next project.

Check for customer service quality
It’s not enough to find storage solutions that work for your company. Finding a manufacturer that also provides outstanding customer service is also ideal. Questions will inevitably occur along the way; that is normal in business. The last thing you want though is to deal with a rude or unhelpful staff when you’re already up to your ears with storage issues. With a reputable company that takes pride in its work, you can count on the manufacturers’ staff to go out of their way to provide you with the assistance you require.
At Frazier, we take great pride in the level of service we provide to our customers. With that in mind, we have a dedicated Customer Service Team fully equipped to swiftly address your questions in a timely manner.

Let Frazier prove to you that we are the manufacturer you should trust for your business. Contact us at (800) 859-1342 today to join the structural revolution!

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