October 20, 2021
Domestically Manufactured Rack Does Not Get Stuck at The Port

Don’t Get Stuck at the Ports – Buy Domestic Rack!

Why wait for foreign imported rack to work its way to you through the ports? You could be installing a domestically manufactured rack system much sooner.

The longer your racking system experiences shipping delays, the longer it will be until you can begin generating a return on your investment. Whether it’s Los Angeles/Long Beach with 100+ Ships Waiting to Dock, New York/New Jersey Experiencing Substantial Increases in Cargo Volume, or Savannah with a Yard Full of Containers, US ports are overwhelmed. Government Efforts to Speed Up Operations have had a minimal impact on fixing the issues thus far and backups are indefinite. This is not a problem in just the US either. Canadian Ports are being closely monitored for supply chain issues and Mexican Ports are experiencing heightened volumes.

Fact of the matter, racking domestically manufactured in North America runs zero risk of sitting on cargo ships. Choose Frazier and begin your system’s installation while others are left waiting behind at the ports.

A Frazier welder manufactures pallet rack.

100% of Frazier manufactured components are made in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Frazier’s Flexible Manufacturing Network

When it comes to manufacturing racking domestically in North America, Frazier is the accredited industry leader with 10 Fabrication Facilities. Located strategically – 7 in the US, 2 in Mexico and 1 in Canada – our unique facility network produces thousands of pounds of racking per day. This allows us to guarantee manufacturing flexibility while also affording us the ability to reduce freight and installation costs.

Don’t become stuck at the ports. Frazier could be serving your racking needs much sooner. Contact Us Today to begin planning your next rack system.

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