July 20, 2018
Three Everyday Customer Service Benefits to Frazier Clients

Customer satisfaction is FRAZIER Industrial Company’s top priority. FRAZIER has proudly offered a dedicated Customer Service Program since 2013 to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their Racking Storage Solutions. Whether a longstanding partner or brand-new client, FRAZIER’s Customer Service Team is standing by ready to assist you however possible. Three everyday ways our Customer Service Team provides value:

Designated Customer Service Support

Have you ever called a Customer Service Department and were required to speak to multiple people, repeating your situation multiple times over before experiencing any type of assistance? Because your time is extremely valuable to FRAZIER, we have dedicated a Customer Service representative who specifically looks after your company’s needs. Assigned at the time of your first order and available throughout your continued use of our products, this representative will act as your advocate for any assistance you may require. As a result, they will become a key contributor to your company’s relationship to FRAZIER, affording them the ability to efficiently and effectively support your projects.

Direct, Immediate Customer Care

Many companies have switched their customer care to an impersonal, automated platform with prerecorded prompts. Frazier offers a direct customer contact person-to-person model. Contact information for a personal, designated Customer Service Representative is provided to all of Frazier’s customers to establish a direct line of connection.

Because we value face to face interaction with our customers, FRAZIER’s team of Account Managers and Project Managers may be travelling on-site to projects and be temporarily unavailable as a result. FRAZIER does not want this to delay your needs. Should your other FRAZIER contacts be unavailable, a Customer Service Representative is always accessible as an alternative point of contact when you need to speak with somebody immediately.

Satisfaction Evaluation

FRAZIER takes a keen interest in supporting our clients’ use of our products long after their purchase from us. The Customer Service Team completes a series of check-ins with every customer throughout the lifetime of their Racking Storage Solution to ensure that it continues to achieve its expectations. Clients may always contact Customer Service with questions about an existing Racking Storage Solution that they purchased many years prior from FRAZIER as well.

Are you interested in learning more about what FRAZIER’s Customer Service Model has to offer you? Contact us today at (800) 859-1342 or customerservice@frazier.com to connect with your designated representative!

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