September 22, 2022
Choosing the Right Pallet Rack

The perfect pallet racking system allows you to improve productivity, increase storage and help your operation adapt to inventory needs.

Different pallet racks are available, but the best are those made from 100% structural steel. At Frazier, the 70 years of experience are enough proof that you’re dealing with the best in the industry.

The strength and durability of pallet racks are important to ensure proper storage. However, you need not worry because Frazier is a high-quality pallet rack manufacturer.

So, what options do you have?

Types of Pallet Racks for Warehouses

The selection process might take you a while because many good options are available. Here are a few options to choose from:

1. Selective Pallet Rack

Most people find the selective pallet rack the most versatile. After all, it utilizes space and the forklift can access every load without difficulty. Frazier’s selective pallet rack is from Sentinel and provides great durability and adjustability.

The features of selective pallet racks include:

  • Availability in double deep or single
  • All its components are fully interchangeable
  • No special tools needed for assembly
  • Flexible adjustability

Many industries use selective pallet racks, including food, retail, wholesalers, and chemical industries.

2. Flow Rack

Most flow rack pallets have many issues, such as wheels popping off and tracks falling out. However, with the SelecDeck Case flow rack by Frazier, you get larger and stronger wheels.

Also, restocking shelves becomes much easier and quicker. The strength of these flow racks comes from steel axles, connections, and channels.

The features include:

  • Custom wheel spacing
  • Many options for deck width
  • Steel axles supporting wheels
  • Side rails made of galvanized steel

This pallet rack is best for retail, food, grocery, and freezer applications.

3. Push Back Racking

New warehouses love this pallet racking system due to its sensitivity, productivity, economy, and density. Moreover, push-back pallet racking combines drive-in pallets and single-deep racks.

When a pallet is loaded, you push it back to expose the second pallet. This goes on until you finish loading all pallets.

Key features include:

  • High resistance to abuse
  • Made using 100% structural steel
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity

Applications include food industries, retail, wholesalers, and refrigerated warehousing.

4. Drive-in and Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

These storage systems are self-supporting. In addition, they allow forklifts to access the products. If you need extra cubic space, choose these pallets because they allow up to 75% more pallet space.

The best features include:

  • Strong bolted connections
  • Provides high-density storage
  • Reduces space costs
  • Best for functionality, long life, and looks

Frazier has some of the best storage pallet racks. Moreover, they provide solutions for your specific needs. Contact us to speak to an expert so that you can pick the best pallet rack from the options available.

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