June 7, 2023
8 Creative Ways to Utilize Industrial Storage Racks in Your Business

As the demand for product increases, warehouses are getting more crowded, and space is at a premium. Luckily, industrial storage racks can help maximize space usage and increase efficiency.

Here are 8 creative ways to use these racks in your business.

  1. (Vertical) Space Saver: Tall storage racks stacked vertically are one of the best ways to make the most of limited floor space. They can allow you to maximize storage in the limited footprint of your warehouse.
  2. Use Different Configurations: If your racking is designed for multiple configurations, you can adjust your shelf levels as your product mixes grows or changes.
  3. Separate Your “A and B Movers”: Rack solutions, like Frazier’s Ergo Series® allow you to split your A and B Moving Products in easily accessible pick faces for fulfillment.
  4. Label!: Other rack solutions, like Frazier’s Label Beam® allow you to protect labels and use barcodes for smoother inventory management. It also eliminates the timely task of replacing labels!
  5. Gravity Powered Racks: From Glide-In® Push Back, to SelecDeck® Case Flow, Pallet Flow and more, these racks all use gravity to move product to the face position for picking. This improves productivity negating the need to enter the rack to pick product.
  6. Cantilever Racks: When you have odd or longer items to store, like pipes or lumber, Cantilever Racks allow for easy storage and retrieval.
  7. Mezzanine Storage: Pick Modules and Rack Supported Platforms create additional “floor” levels that create more space to pick cases and eaches.
  8. Pick-To-Belt: This uses a combination of industrial storage racks and conveyor systems so that you can process orders faster and reduce the time it takes to fill orders.

These are just a few of the interesting ways you can use racking in your business. Frazier is a storage rack experts with over 70+ years of experience helping customers to utilize racks in creative ways. Contact us at (800) 859-1342 or frazier@frazier.com to learn more about how racks can be used creatively in your specific operations.

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