December 7, 2021
6 Considerations Before Choosing a Warehouse Racking System

Improving operations at your warehouse or distribution center begins with the right racking. With a better racking solution in place, you can improve delivery times and ensure a more efficient order fulfillment system. These are considerations to review when you look for a storage option.

Storage Density

Think about whether your products are fast movers or slow movers. What amount of reserve product due you require to keep up with throughput? This information can help you figure out if a deep lane system storage racking system is a fit for you.


Must you have access to certain pallets at all times of your operations? If that’s the case, then a system with high selectivity fits your needs. Otherwise, you might end up with inaccessible products. Consider if that’s a match for your needs before you pick a racking solution.

Picking Profiles

Look at your orders. Are you storing and picking full pallets, cases or eaches? Are you getting those items in bulk? You’ll want to consider profiles that product both enters and exits the warehouse in. Sometimes, it is not the same. Design the storage rack to make it more efficient for your employees to quickly and accurately pick orders.

Forklift Access

Do you use a fork lift in your warehouse? Then you’ll need to design the rack system to work with the equipment you are using. This includes aisle space, lift capacities, lift heights and more. Using foifts and rack systems that are not fully compatible will set you back from achieving your warehousing goals.

Rack Decking

Do you have worn down pallets in your warehouse or products that are stored loosely? You can always add more rack components like wire decking to help prevent parts of the product load from falling into egress areas.

Seismic Zone

What does the building code say about seismic zones in your area? Before you design the structure of your rack, you need to know the federal, state, and local codes. Ask your rack supplier about that. A company that’s been in the area and business for years will do the due diligence to design the rack system based off where you are located.

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