May 24, 2023
5 Ways to Achieve Better Warehouse Inventory Management

Streamline your warehouse operations with proper inventory management. Here are some ways to help you improve your warehouse management system with the right solution.

Assess the Current System

There’s always a better way to do things. Find out if that’s the case for your warehouse inventory management. Look at the challenges that your warehouse management faces. Can you address those issues with a new or updated racking system?

Choose a New Racking System

Not all racking solutions are equal. Find one that best fits your needs. Does it work with your budget? Does it allow you to utilize every square inch of your warehouse? What about storage utilization? How much space can the racking system use? Can it create more vertical storage spaces in your warehouse? Also, consider the order of the inventory retrieval and the ability of the racking system to accommodate a variety of items or goods.

Change the Layout

When you assess your warehouse, don’t leave anything out. A new racking system can help, but how about changing the layout, too? Rearranging your storage racks can also create a more efficient space. Think about placing the racks in rows if you have them in shorter sections. That reduces the distance and time needed to move between the shelves, allowing your staff to move faster. You should also factor into the design the most popular goods in your inventory. They should be closest to the door so they can be stored and retrieved quickly.

Label Your System

It may sound like a basic solution. But you’d be surprised at how helpful a labeling system is. That serves as a handy guide to new members of your warehouse crew. Be sure to include useful information in the labels, such as the weight, size, and SKU. Make it easier for your team to spot the labels by putting them in the same place for every rack. Combine the labeling system with scannable barcodes, and you won’t have to worry about your team retrieving items by mistake.

Use Vertical Space

Be creative in finding spaces you can use. Consider the available vertical space in your warehouse before you think about expanding your operations. Many companies waste the vertical space in their warehouse, not realizing that they can make use of that area, too. Think about scalable racks. When you use those systems, you can increase your storage space by extending your shelves upwards.

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