May 31, 2023
What To Look Out For When Buying Industrial Racking Solutions

Naturally, storage systems that house commodities are the heart of all warehouse operations. Customizing your industrial warehouse racking can improve efficiency and maximize use of space. However, your warehouse racking arrangement might cover only a small portion of the area of your complete warehouse. When selecting an industrial racking system, you want to choose functional and long-lasting racks to get the best return on your investment. Here are some important factors you need to consider before purchasing industrial racking solutions.

  1. Weight capacity
    How heavy are the products you are storing? You will need a rack system rated for the maximum load weights you plan to store. Choosing a rack with a weight capacity that is insufficient for your items might cause instability and collapse. As a result, it is critical to design a racking system with the right weight capacity to store your items safely.
  2. Selectivity
    The design of the racking system might affect selectivity. Deep lane storage systems are great for improving density in low SKU, high volume operations, however, lack the selectivity needed by many higher SKU operations . On the other hand, racks constructed with greater selectivity in mind can can help operations with high SKU counts to improve their productivity. As a result, while choosing industrial racking, it is critical to consider what degree of selectivity to your products is required.
  3. Safety Features
    Choose a racking system with safety features like:

    • Bolted Connections
    • Row End Protection
    • Rub Rails and More!

    This is critical to maintain the integrity of your rack. In busy warehouse environments, accidents and impact from handling equipment can occur. Adding Safety Features will only help to protect your investment. Workers should also receive proper training on operating and maintaining the racking system.

  4. Quality and Durability
    Industrial racking systems must hold large weight loads and prolonged use. In addition, they must offer safe and reliable storage for your products. Therefore, choose a racking system constructed of high-quality components like structural steel is essential. This ensures the rack’s lifespan and safety. A long-lasting and high-quality racking system may also save maintenance and repair expenses.
  5. Dimensions and Size
    Racking that is not designed around your current and future product mixes may cause issues. Similarly, racking that is with bays designed too large will diminish storage capacity. It is also critical to design your racking system around your product loads to maximize capacity. Having a flexible solution with multiple approved configurations also helps in this regards.

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