September 7, 2017
Thomas Foods uses Raised, Cantilevered I-Beam Base to Maximize Cube Utilization

Leading meat manufacturer Thomas Foods International USA (TFI-USA) began operations out of their Swedesboro, New Jersey facility in 2014. Located just outside of Philadelphia, the facility allows them distribute to customers throughout the northeastern United States. When TKI-USA decided to add a new expansion to the facility in 2016, FRAZIER and Material Handling Supply, Inc. (MHS) collaborated to provide them with a Storage Solution revolving around a Raised, Cantilevered I-Beam Base that is capable of storing over 8,400 pallets of product at any given time.

Raised I-Beam Base Design Maximizes Cube Utilization

Stan Bearder, TFI-USA’s Chief Operating Officer, led the initiative in selecting the best storage solution for the 45,000 square foot refrigerated and freezer expansion. He initially considered Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS), Satellite Systems and Drive-In racking. Eager to select a solution that best maximized the space’s cube utilization, Stan contact the team at MHS. In turn, the MHS team then reached out FRAZIER; FRAZIER has developed a strong relationship with MHS and was an easy choice to integrate the project.

The design team completed a robust product mix analysis and operational study which concluded that Glide-In® Push Back racking, using a raised, cantilevered I-beam base in conjunction with floor mounted five deep carts and tracks, was the optimal material handling solution. Unlike Drive-In, Glide-In® presents pallets at the front location, allowing for quicker unloading.  For TFI-USA the project was a huge success:

The planning, scheduling and execution of the solution exceeded my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Frazier and MHS as knowledgeable, valued partners who innovate. They expand on business needs while staying on time and on budget. – Stan Bearder

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