October 28, 2016
Simon & Schuster Continues to Choose FRAZIER Pallet Racking

FRAZIER Industrial Company is proud to be able to continue to meet the warehousing needs for book publisher Simon & Schuster’s Delran facility, one of New Jersey’s premier distribution centers. The facility is Simon & Schuster’s sole warehouse and has been shipping books out its doors for 60 years. Each day it ships over half a million books to the United States and Canada while also supporting the company’s global distribution.

Sentinel Selective Pallet Racking Highlights New Addition

To continue their success, Simon & Schuster’s facility has seen several expansions that include FRAZIER’s pallet racking. The latest in the series features a new 200,000 square foot, high-bay addition equipped with Frazier’s Sentinel Selective Pallet Racking. This addition has increased total storage capacity to 75,000 pallets of product at a time. Sentinel offers maximum flexibility to changing needs because of its ability to adjust shelf levels at 1” and 3” centers. All components are interchangeable, so users like Simon & Schuster can add to their initial purchase of pallet racking as their company grows. Additionally benefiting Sentinel’s use by Simon & Schuster are FRAZIER’s Label Beams. Each Label Beam has a 1/8” web recess on the top and bottom of the beam that protects the label and bolts. As a result, bar code label damage is prevented; pickers no longer have to worry about being unable to scan verify missing and damaged bar code labels. This means they can continue to get product out the door more quickly and accurately.

Beyond Simon & Schuster’s new addition, their facility boasts an additional 600,000 square feet of area to support operations. FRAZIER is ever present throughout the facility, with SelecDeck Case Flow, Pallet Flow, Drive-In and other Storage Solutions currently in use. SelecDeck Case Flow and Pallet Flow make certain that slower moving products are continually in the front position of the racking, ready to be picked.  Drive-In pallet racking maximizes control of Last-In, First-Out inventory as part of Simon & Schuster’s system.

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