July 8, 2021
7 Suggestions Before You Pick Industrial Pallet Racks

Optimize your distribution center with better storage options by considering an upgrade your racking systems. Here are top tips on how to choose a pallet racking system that works for your needs.

Analyze Your Product Loads

What are your products and how many different SKU’s comprise them? Do you need racking systems for pallet-sized loads, cartons, both or something else altogether? How much does each load weigh? You will need to consider the increments and sizes of your inventory when you evaluate options.

Study Your Products’ Moves

What kind of orders do you receive? Where are the dock doors of your warehouse located? At what frequency are your products distributed and replenished? Think about the desired throughput you are trying to achieve with a racking solution as well.

Consider Your Growth Forecast

Will you expand your operations? Do you anticipate your product mix changing or growing? Factor that into your buying decision when you check out industrial pallet racks. Make sure you look at systems with the flexibility be added on to or be reconfigured for future needs.

Evaluate Long-Term Cost

Cheaper solutions can seem appealing upfront, but continual repairs and replacements to poorly manufactured materials render them an ill long-term investment. On the other hand, a structural racking solution is designed with the integrity to hold up in even the busiest warehouse environments. Their abuse resistance and quality lends them the strength to being a better long-term investment.

Think About Changes to the Market

The pandemic has inevitably changed the way we do business. Plenty of companies are pivoting their operations to better align with market changes. Before you shop around for a racking system, consider the adjustments you need to make to improve your productivity and ensure safe operations, now more than ever. Ask yourself – is the rack you are considering agile enough to do this?

Go Over Your Equipment Requirements

What other types of equipment do you use in your warehouse? How do you handle the products? Will these types of equipment work in tandem with the rack solution you are considering? One of the worst things you can do is design a racking solution that does not work with a warehouse’s method of handling.

Do the Math

Calculate the size and available area in your warehouse for a racking system. Given you parameters, as well as previously mentioned criteria like products and method of handling, you can design a system that maximizes your storage. It is important to get this right so that you do not end up wasting any space or sacrificing productivity.

Picking industrial pallet racks can be a daunting task if you do not have any prior experience in doing so. If you are unsure of where to begin, contact Frazier Industrial Company at 9800) 859-1342 or frazier@frazier.com. Frazier has over 70 years of experience designing rack systems and is ready to help you develop a turn-key rack solution.

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