April 18, 2019
ProMat 2019 Recap: 70 Years of Frazier on Display

We hope you were able to join in on all the Frazier activity at ProMat 2019! Visitors experienced a blast from the past with Frazier as we celebrated our 70th Anniversary. A suite of Storage Solutions perfected through seven decades of Frazier innovation were on full display.

Frazier's Ergo Deep® allows pickers better access to the second position.

Frazier’s Ergo Deep® allows pickers better access to the second position.

Make Case Picking Easier

Featured by Modern Material Handling’s ProMat Show Daily, the Ergo Deep® is an alteration of the Ergo Beam®, part of our line of ergonomic products. This advantageous solution allows easier access to the second position, increasing case selection speed by up to 30%. Learn more by downloading our new Ergo Series® Brochure today.

Design and Safety Proficiency

Frazier President Carlos Oliver and Director of Engineering, Dan Clapp both engaged show attendees as part of seminars focused on Planning Your Racking System and Storage Rack Safety, respectively. Topics about adapting to new racking solutions and how to safely use them were covered. Did not have the opportunity to attend either session? View the webinar from the Planning Seminar Here and the webinar for the Safety Seminar Here.

Classroom Day

Every ProMat, Frazier is grateful to be afforded the opportunity to share our knowledge with students that aspire to one day join the material handling industry. Over 40 high school and college students learned about benefits and implementations of our racking solutions from Frazier experts. Don Frazier, company founder, established MHI’s Career & Technical Education program twelve years ago, for which the Company was Honored at the previous installment of the ProMat Show in 2017.

Make sure you continue to visit us at other Upcoming Events, including the WERC Conference and the Global Cold Chain Expo!

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