June 21, 2022
Industrial Pallet Rack Safety

Pallet racking systems make up a lot of the systems within a warehouse. By Improperly using them, shelving and racking systems can pose a huge safety risk and be a huge liability for your company. It can even lead to accidents in the workplace. Here are some of the ways you can observe industrial pallet rack safety in your warehouse.

Adhere to OSHA standards

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has set standards every warehouse racking system needs to adhere to, to ensure a safe working environment. They stipulate 3 requirements every warehouse needs to adhere to, that is:

  • 176(a): When using mechanical handling equipment, ensure there’s enough space and clearance in the aisles, at loading docks, and through doorways, especially where turns or passage is required. Additionally, these passageways should be kept clear and in good condition, with no obstruction that could create a hazard. Permanent aisles and passageways should be clearly marked too.
  • 176(b): Any materials stored should not create a hazard. Items such as bags, bundles, etc., kept in tiers should be stacked, blocked, or interlocked. Also, limit how height you stack them so they are stable and secure, preventing sliding or collapse.
  • 176(c): The storage areas should be kept free from the accumulation of things that can become hazards, either causing tripping, fire, explosions, or attracting pests. Additionally, ensure vegetation growth is controlled.

These OSHA standards address just a few of those that need to be followed when dealing with industrial pallet racking.

Stick to the weight capacity limits

Exceeding the weight capacity of a racking system is a recipe for disaster. Adding a few pounds can cause the rack to collapse and damage both the products and racking system. You should visibly indicate all weight capacities – using capacity plaques furnished by the system supplier – for upright and beams on your rack so everyone knows the system’s limits.

Install upright racks on level ground

Any vertical installations in your warehouse should be done on a level, sturdy ground. Just because a surface is smooth, it doesn’t mean its level. As you install your upright racks, ensure they are plumb and square before fully installing them.

Load your racks evenly

Just like you shouldn’t exceed the weight limits of the rack, you also need to distribute the weight across the industrial pallet rack evenly. Loading pallets unevenly puts the workers at risk and can cause serious damage to the shelving systems and inventory.

Perform routine maintenance

The best way to identify and address any repairs is by performing routine checks on all your racking systems. After inspecting all the racks, beams, and uprights, repair any damage immediately.

Ultimately investing in good quality racking systems and observing these safety tips ensures your workers are safe, happy, and productive. Contact Frazier Industrial Company for more information on getting the best industrial pallet racks.

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