September 28, 2016
Frazier Tackles Warehousing Challenges Across Industries

Frazier Tackles Warehousing Challenges Across Industries

Across the supply chain universe, it is known that different industries have different storage needs. FRAZIER Industrial Company has the experience needed to discern each industry’s specific warehousing challenges, along with the ability to develop the most optimal solutions. With over 65 years of experience in pallet racking, FRAZIER has worked to create performance enhancing storage designs for industries including Food, Beverage, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Refrigerated Warehousing and 3PL.

Application Driven

One of the first steps in selecting a Storage Solution is identifying the key business needs in terms of both product selection and distribution. Additional consideration must be given to the method of handling the product and the overall area, or building size. For example, within the Food industry, specifically within the distribution sector, selectivity, high turnover and speed are key factors. Grocery outlets demand to keep products on the shelf and replenish in a timely manner. Distributors need to meet their customers’ demands. FRAZIER’s Glide-In Push Back, Drive-In/Drive-Thru, Ergo Series and Sentinel Selective Pallet Rack are proven successes for the food industry. Each offers efficiency by creating scenarios in which pallets and cases making up hundreds of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) can be picked in an organized, accelerated manner.

Although typically focused on many SKU’s, the Retail and E-Commerce industries feature both fast and slow moving products. In many cases, retailers want selectivity and the ability to distribute a variety of SKU’s in their operations to serve customers. To systematically deal with combinations of fast and medium moving inventory, Pick Modules offer the highest picking accuracy. With the utilization of a combination of pallet picking, carton flow and shelf picking in the same area, Pick Modules increase the quality of fulfilling unique orders. Their multi-level design also affords the best use of cubic space. Pick Tunnels present themselves as an ideal solution when slow moving inventory is added to the mix. Unlike its counterpart, Pick Tunnels only offer a single level to pick from. Its upper levels are dedicated to high density storage of slow moving or off season products. This keeps the slow movers out of the way until they are needed, without them getting in the way of products currently being picked.

What Solutions Suit My Application?

To learn more about what Storage Solutions can typically be seen in each industry, head to our Industries We Serve section. Please contact us directly at to discuss any questions regarding the ideal system for your specific application.

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