July 27, 2016
Frazier Industrial Company Refocuses Customer Service

Frazier Industrial Company Refocuses Customer Service

For FRAZIER Industrial Company, a satisfied customer is our highest priority. We strongly believe in a system of live interaction with our customers. Therefore, our dedicated Customer Service Team deals with various types of inquiries within a timely manner. FRAZIER’s Customer Service Experience is centralized around direct conversations across both Eastern and Western time zones. Our Team engages with active accounts to ensure a positive customer experience. Additionally, we are proactive in touching base with all FRAZIER Customers. Ultimately it is important to ensure our Storage Solutions continue to deliver value to customers.

One to One Interaction

When engaging with FRAZIER’s Customer Service Team, you will establish a single Customer Service Associate as your point of contact. This person will act as a liaison throughout your entire experience, allowing for a quicker, stress-free path toward your solution. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an immediate response to inquiries regarding products and services.

Contact FRAZIER’s Customer Service Team

To contact our Customer Service Team regarding any inquiry, please call (800) 859-1342. If your preference is to contact us via email, we can also be reached at customerservice@frazier.com.

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    Customer Service: 800.859.1342