May 23, 2017
FRAZIER In The Community – Celebrating Take Our Children to Work Day and Our Semi-Annual Ladies Luncheon

FRAZIER strives to make an impact, both in the material handling industry and in our greater community. As part of our recent community endeavors, FRAZIER celebrated both Take Our Children to Work Day and our semi-annual Ladies Luncheon.

Take Our Children to Work Day afforded the daughters and sons of employees the opportunity to learn more about their parents’ workplace lives. After beginning the day by working one-to-one with their parents, the children enjoyed a series of hands-on activities. FRAZIER Standard Product Engineers gave a demonstration of our industry leading Research and Development Program, while the Customer Service Team conducted live call simulations with the children. The day was capped off with a full tour of our facility, a pizza lunch and numerous outdoor activities.

Recognizing female members of the growing material handling industry is important to FRAZIER. Twice a year, FRAZIER takes the time to thank our female employees for their achievements at our ongoing string of Ladies Luncheons. The recent Spring installment of the Luncheon afforded a quality team building experience through introductions to new staff members, reconnecting with employees from different FRAZIER locations and opportunities to spend time with ladies from different departments of the company.

Stay tuned for future articles highlighting FRAZIER’s celebrations and efforts within the community!

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