June 10, 2019
Storage Racking Solutions for Large Applications

When it comes to developing a storage solution for a large-scale application the key to efficiency is completing a full product mix analysis. Here are some tips on determining the right large-scale storage racking solutions for your company:

Review Pareto’s Law
Pareto’s Law indicates that 80% of effects originate from 20% of the sources. In terms of storage this means that approximately 20% of a user’s SKU’s make up 80% of their product volume. 30% of the remaining SKU’s make up 15% of the volume and the final 50% of SKU’s account for only 5% of the volume. While high volume SKU’s are likely distributed in pallet-sized increments, lower volume SKU’s could be distributed in different sizes, like cases or eaches. This dictates the need for different types of storage for each SKU. Pallet sized increments may require a solution like Selective Pallet Racking, while lower volumes may require a picking solution like Case Flow.

As with many aspects of running a business smoothly, the best storage options are ones that help keep the storage area organized. You can choose an organizational system that works for your business, but you must come up with a plan and stick with it. Properly organizing your storage means you need to figure out how many pallets you will have in a warehouse at a given time. Warehouse space is expensive – too few or too many pallet positions can mean lost revenue.

Choose the Right Materials
If your warehouse has heavy fork truck traffic or you need to store heavy items, you require a storage racking solution that is up to the task. A racking solution made from roll-formed steel is not the most ideal in this scenario because of its susceptibility to damage. Damage resulting in a rack collapse can set any storage application back months. Instead, consider solutions that are manufactured from strong materials, like Structural Steel, that have greater abuse resistance.

Consider Using an Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Manpower can only get you so far when dealing with storing and retrieving items. Using an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) can increase the time you spend storing and retrieving items exponentially. Implementing an AS/RS system will benefit your company in many ways, including:
Lower labor costs.
Better picking accuracy.
Increased efficiency.
Reduced operator error.
Increased safety.
Time savings.

Your company deserves to have the best storage racking solutions possible. If you need industrial-strength solutions for your company’s storage needs, Frazier Industrial Company has the answers you have been looking for. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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