July 16, 2018
RACK 101© – How To Design Your Pallet Rack System

FRAZIER is proud to extend our expertise to prospective pallet racking users by means of our Rack 101© Manual, the material handling industry’s most comprehensive guide for designing a Pallet Rack System. Whether a seasoned pallet racking user or just a beginner, Rack 101© offers new insight for you that can be used to optimize the design of your next system.

Begin Designing Your Pallet Rack System

Pallet racking is a high performance structure. Pound for pound, it is expected to perform greater than a building and should not be considered lightly. Specific criteria requires review in order to design a cost-effective, safe system that achieves your storage needs. From Engineering Parameters to System Configurations to Unit, Method, Area Considerations and more, Rack 101© systematically covers many of the required details for determining the design of your pallet racking.

Do not get left high and dry with a pallet racking system that is overly costly, unsafe or does not perform as intended. Contact us at frazier@frazier.com with a valid business email address to receive your complimentary copy of Rack 101©. Begin unlocking the secrets of pallet racking design today!

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