April 6, 2018
Camp Out With Frazier! – at Frazier Booth #5055 – MODEX 2018

Hike on over to visit FRAZIER’s Camping Themed Booth #5055, the place to be at MODEX 2018! Come enjoy complimentary snacks, games and prizes! While you’re there don’t forget to check out FRAZIER’s showcase of storage innovations and order fulfillment solutions;  the Ergo Deep Reach, semi-automated high density Pallet Mole® and SelecDeck® Carton Flow, to name a few.  Ongoing booth demonstrations will highlight strategies to maximize space, improve productivity and increase order picking efficiency.

FRAZIER showcase systems include:

The Ergo Deep ReachThe Ergo Deep Reach is an alteration of the Ergo-Label Beam, part of Frazier’s line of ergonomic products . Developed in response to customer needs for an advantage when picking heavy cases, Ergo Deep Reach’s pallet locations sit at a low level while also enabling workers to walk through the racking – from one row to the other.

The Pallet Mole® – With the latest technology in high-density storage, the Pallet Mole maximizes floor space, storing up to 6-high and 50 pallet positions deep, while increasing productivity and maintaining SKU selectivity.  Since its launch in 2011, Frazier has completed several successful projects, including Premium Waters of Elwood, KS, which was subject of a Frazier case study.

SelecDeck® Case FlowThe ideal solution for rising SKU counts and slow moving items.  By converting lower pallet rack levels to SelecDeck, users can increase floor pick locations by 25%. SelecDeck’s universal shelf bed accommodates cases of all shapes and sizes and provides quick and easy product mix changes.

Hi-Rise AS/RS Systems – The trend toward automated storage technology continues as manufacturers and distributors seek improved productivity with maximum space and order efficiencies.   Frazier will feature some of their hi-rise AS/RS installations along with a video presentation showing the step-by-step construction process of a recent high-rise rack supported building project.

Structural Steel Pallet Rack – Selective pallet rack began FRAZIER’s reputation as the leading global manufacturer of structural steel storage systems. Both its High Quality and ability to be depended on have upheld that reputation for over 60 years. FRAZIER’s Sentinel® is designed, manufactured and installed with the same standards of quality that we use for a custom racking system. There are no unique tools or clips necessary for assembly and all of the components are fully interchangeable.

Glide-In® Push Back – Combining the high density of Drive-In racking with greater selectivity, Glide-In® “Push Back” storage is FRAZIER’s patented system of enveloping wheeled carts that glide on sloping rails. Made from 100% Structural Steel the Glide-In® racking works by placing the first pallet on the top cart and pushing it back. This exposes the next cart for loading. When the second pallet is positioned and pushed back, the third cart is ready. This continues until all the pallet positions are filled. The last pallet sits on the rail itself. When unloading, the front pallet is removed. Gravity moves all the pallets forward to the front for easy access. As each pallet is removed, the remaining pallets move down into position until completely unloaded and all carts are again in position for reloading.

Glide N’ Pick Cart® – Experience simple order selection with just the touch of a lever using FRAZIER’s Glide N’ Pick Cart® Upon rolling out, rear items being stored on the Glide N’ Pick® are now easy and safe to reach. With the ability to hold up to 3,000 lbs of weight, a Glide N’ Pick Cart® can be installed directly on existing shelf beams increasing available pick faces, simplifying slotting, reducing worker injuries while also reducing damaged products.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru – Drive-In and Drive-Thru storage systems are FRAZIER’s free-standing, self-supporting racks that allow a vehicle drive-in access to products being stored.  Drive-In provides a greater capacity in an existing cubic space, more than any other storage method. It eliminates the need for warehouse expansion and allows major cost savings utilizing existing lift equipment. With Drive-Thru, vehicles can access the rack from either side.  Pallets can be stored from one side and retrieved from the other, enabling a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory control system.

Learn more about FRAZIER’s presence and press conference at the MODEX 2018 Show by Clicking Here to visit our page on the MODEX Show Website.  

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