December 14, 2020
6 Tips to a New Warehouse Racking Solution

Moving into a new distribution center is a milestone for your business. What do you need for your product storage, though? Make sure you invest in warehouse racking solution that’s ideal for your new facility. Here are a few tips on how to pick the best one.

Check your Order Data

Perform an analysis of your existing warehouses. That should give you an idea of areas you can improve upon efficiency in your new warehouse. Also, are you running a store fulfillment operation? Or is it a direct-to-consumer shop? Do you pick up full pallets and ship those or do you break them down into case picks? Consider these questions amongst others before you pick a storage option.

Determine Your MHE On-Site

Are you going to be implementing a new method of handling equipment in your warehouse? When you shop for a racking solution, recognize the fact that whatever storage system you pick will affect your fleet of trucks and order pickers. Using a fork truck that is ill suited towards your racking can be disastrous to your productivity.

Check the Pallet Size

What are the sizes of the pallets you use? The industry standard is 40” wide by 48” deep. Also, it’s important to check if your incoming pallets are still in good condition. If that isn’t the case, you’ll need to look into replacements. A standardized pallet size might be a good cost-savings measure, too. Keep that in mind.

Know Your Products

When you pick a racking solution, consider the type of products you have. Are you introducing new items into your inventory? What are the weights and sizes of those products? Knowing these details will help you figure out which storage solution has the capacity to handle your inventory both immediately and down the road. If you anticipate any changes in product mix, you can work with your rack designer to develop alternate rack configurations.

Think About Wire Screen

If you hand pick form your rack, then Frazier’s new Wire Screen can help to keep your products and worker safe. All wires capture in the racking’s beam. As a result they do not warp. Warped wires can result in a loss of capacity and jagged edges that can harm workers.

Factor in Product Kinds

Storing combustible materials means you’ll have to find a racking solution with the right class ratings or that have fire suppression.

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