May 12, 2023
6 Ideas When Browsing Through Industrial Pallet Racks

Organizing your warehouse helps you increase floor space utilization, improve team productivity, and reduce time spent sorting, storing, and retrieving items. If you’re looking for an industrial racking solution, here are tips to help determine which system works best for your needs.

Assess Product Loads

How many SKUs do you have for your products? Before choosing a pallet rack, you’ll need to know the size and types of the items in your inventory. Do you have carton-sized or pallet-sized loads? Or both? Those details will help you when you browse through options for industrial pallet racks.

Know How the Products Move

Where do your products come in? Through which door do they come in? How much time does it take for the products to be stored, retrieved, and replenished? If you want to improve your pick accuracy and speed, you need to consider which warehouse storage solutions can make that possible.

Consider Long-Term Cost

Cheaper solutions can save you on costs now. But if the racks collapse because of low durability and poor quality, that can lead to more problems for you, including damaged inventory, injured staff, and unhappy customers. Prevent all those problems by investing in a pallet rack that you can use for years. Think of it as a long-term investment. The quality and durability of the racks mean that you won’t have to worry about collapsed shelves and damaged products.

Think About Market Changes

The pandemic has forced companies to better align their services to changes in the market. If you’re looking for a racking solution, make sure you choose a system that is agile enough to accommodate any further changes you may make later. For instance, you may want to consider scalable options. That will save your team costs and make it easier for you to use existing racks.

Invest in Equipment

Racking solutions are not enough. You need to provide your team with the necessary equipment, too. But what types of equipment do you need? Which ones work well with your pallet racking system? What forklift model should you buy? You’ll need to assign the proper aisle space to accommodate your equipment.

Look to the Future

Do you plan on expanding your operations? You’ll need more storage space. Scalable systems can provide the additional storage you need to use of your warehouse space. If you’re expanding the warehouse, scalable solutions to support your evolving business demands and storage needs.



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